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Shopping in Perthshire

A visit to Perthshire is not complete without a little shopping! Why not hit the shops and take home souvenirs and unique items from Perthshire. Perthshire's larger towns accommodate all the usual high street names as well as an extensive range of specialty shopping outlets.

The compact, pedestrian-friendly city of Perth has many key shops which are ideal for browsing and specialty shopping. These shops offer products with designer labels, unique gifts, and anything your heart desires to buy.

For the shop-a-holic, a visit to the famous specialty shop, the House of Bruar, is a must! It is also known as 'Scotland's Harrods' and has added a new aspect to the area.

There is a local farmers’ market with a friendly and jovial atmosphere drawing great crowds and where local products can be bought. You can browse through the many antiques, jewelry and arts and crafts on display.

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