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Great late deals
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Top 5 deals in Pitlochry

Top 5 deals in Pitlochry

Top 5 deals in Pitlochry


Shooting & Stalking in Perthshire

From deer stalking in Scotland, to grouse shooting, Perthshire is the ideal venue for field sports.

Shooting - from Grouse to Partridge, White hare to Rabbits, Driven pheasant, Pigeon shooting, Driven duck, Ptarmigan goose & duck flighting - or a mixture! And stalking - choose from Red Stag, Roebuck, Sika, Fallow and even Wild Goat. You can shoot (something) in Scotland 365 days a year. And literally tens of thousands of acres of excellent fieldsport opportunities are only a short distance frommost hotels, including famous Atholl Estates. Many of our Hotels will liaise and partner with local agents to ensure:

- Transport between Accommodation and Shooting Areas and on the shoot
- Provision of all necessary staff including group supervisor
- Hire of shotguns if required, and provision of Ammunition
- Shooting Lunches with Refreshments
- Temporary Game Licence and Personal Liability Insurance
- Temporary Weapons Import Permit
- Bad Weather Shoot Cancellation Insurance Premium for driven programmes only
- Group Collection & Return to Scottish Airport (Edinburgh, Dundee or Glasgow) if required

Clay Target Shooting

Clay shooting is ideal for the animal and gun loving people among us!! Get the thrill of the shoot, without inflicting and pain on anyone! Clay Shooting in Perthshire is a popular pastime for those who have either never shot before, or for those who just plain enjoy it.

Clays (round clay discs) are fires into the air out of a spring loaded trap, and can carry distances of up to 100 metres - the rate at which they are blasted into the air is controlled by the trap handler. The shot then takes aim with his shotgun and sees how many he can hit.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is also available, the effect is the same but the shotguns are disable and fitted with lasers instead of a cartridge.

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